How long will my order take to deliver? Delivery will take up to 7 days once proof of payment has been received.

Why juice? Many people suffer from digestive imbalances, which not only reduces the body’s ability to absorb essential nutrients but also results in decreased immunity. 75% of the immune system is located in the digestive system. Cold pressed Juices have very few fibers and require minimal digestion as the body absorbs the nutrients immediately. Juicing allows you to consume a wide variety of fresh produce. The health benefits are astonishing! Fruit and vegetables are packed with an abundant array of nutrients. The alkalizing effects they have on our bodies are beautiful and studies have shown that when people fall ill their body is acidic. In fact, when the bodies PH balance is too acidic you are at an elevated risk of heart disease, arthritis, cancer, diabetes, and many other diseases. Just by juicing, you create an alkalizing state that improves your energy, digestion, mental clarity, clear skin, and an overall healthy body.

Is Skinny Juice Organic?  Our Cold Pressed Juice is mostly organic where possible. We have teamed up with Organic farms in and around Cape Town to supply us with only the best fruits and veggies available. Organic produce is still very limited in terms of variety but hopefully as the Organic market grows so we will be able to offer fully organic juices.

Can my kids drink Skinny Juice? Most definitely! Each flavour is engineered to taste incredible so that everyone can enjoy them. We would encourage children to start drinking cold pressed juice from a young age, as the benefits are amazing.

What is the environmental impact? We source all our produce locally, which maintains a low carbon footprint. Our packaging is a PET #1 plastic bottle and they are recyclable.

Why don’t you use glass bottles? Plastic actually uses a lot less energy than glass to be recycled. The weight of a plastic bottle is much lighter, which means you will use less fuel in delivering of our product.

How is the juice made? Before we produce our juice, all produce is washed thoroughly using a organic Fruit and Veg wash. All our Skinnys are hand made from only the freshest produce from local farmers. We cold press our juice at a speed of 82 rpm that has no aeration and oxidization. Our juices go through a 3 stage extraction system, which retains all the vital nutrients without breaking down any of the enzymes your body needs. We then filter, bottle and freeze the juice to prevent nutritional and enzyme break down.

 I have heard that fiber is good for you and these juices don’t have much fiber? When your body has to separate juice from fiber it undergoes significant energy expenditure. By doing a juice cleanse you want your body to give your digestive system a break and the nutrients are absorbed much quicker into your system. There are two of our juices that contain more fiber than the rest, as fiber is great for keeping you regular and cleaning out your digestive tract.

How should I store my juice? Once you receive your Skinny Juice box please place directly into your deep freezer. These can be kept frozen for up to 6months. When you want to consume your Skinny Juice simply take them out the deep freezer and pop them into your fridge the night before so that they are ready to drink the next day. Remember if you are on the go always keep your juices cold, either in a cooler or fridge at work as they are highly perishable.

Where are the Skinny Juices made?  We make our juices in Cape Town, South Africa

Can I drink your juices if i am a diabetic? It is always suggested to consult a doctor first before a diet change. SJ juices are high in natural sugars because of the fruit content.

Are Skinny Juices vegan? You bet! All our juice are made with food from the earth and are Dairy, Wheat, Grain & Gluten Free!.

Cleanse program FAQ

Does it really matter in what order I drink my juices? It is very important that you drink your juices in the correct order as this affects how your body absorbs, assimilates and digests the nutrients. In the morning your body is ready to absorb more nutrients and minerals than in any other time of the day that is why you start your day with the most dense leafy green Skinny D-Tox.

Will I be hungry during my cleanse? Yes, you would feel hungry especially in the first day or two. Just allow your body to adjust to consuming liquids. It is normal to feel this way but in actual fact we could go without solid food and be fine. Your digestive system needs a break and the benefits are amazing.

Are there any side effects associated with juice cleansing? Yes, just like any detoxification you may experience headaches, dizziness, fatigue and moodiness. This is completely normal and it’s your body getting rid of all the toxins. You may even feel flu like if you do a 5 or 7 day cleanse. This is a good thing! After your cleanse you will feel and look amazing. Please remember to stay hydrated at all times – i.e. DRINK LOTS OF WATER!

Can I do a juice cleanse if I am pregnant or nursing? We would not recommend a juice cleanse during these times but you can most definitely buy a subscription and drink our Skinnys in between your meals for a nutritional boost. There are many benefits from our juices for pregnant and nursing ladies. For example ginger is great for nausea and it features many times in our Skinny flavours.

I don’t have much time, but I’d like to do the Skinny Juice 1 day cleanse. Is it beneficial to do it for just 1 day? Definitely! A SJ One day cleanse has amazing results and can lead to healthier habits. Some people love to do a one day a week ongoing. You can never go wrong if you are feeding your body with cold pressed juice filled to the brim with Nutrients. You will always reap the benefits.

During the program can I have sparkling water, gum, or tea? You need to remember your doing this to detoxify your body; Sparkling water has loads of Sodium in it, chewing gum has many added chemicals, but Tea is an exception and its actually recommended to drink before you go to bed. You may have herbal infused Teas, so Green tea, Goji berry etc. NO caffeine based teas.

Why is juicing expensive? Each 500ml bottle of a SJ is equivalent to almost 1kg of fresh produce, packed and filled to the brim with nutrients. That’s just one serving! You are consuming 5 x 500ml Juices a day, now that’s a lot of nutrients! We do not dilute any of our juices; we leave that up to you. All our produce is sourced locally from only the best neighborhood farmers in and around Cape Town.